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Defekt nach 2 Wochen

Mein Onan Antrieb ist nach 2 Wochen kaputt gegangen und nun schreibt mit Onan, dass sie keine Ersatzteile in Form von Steuergeräten mehr dafür haben, weil sie erst wieder einen neuen Lieferanten finden müssen. Habe jetzt nach 2 Monaten und erst mit der Unterstützung von Eboard Evolution dann doch noch ein Ersatzteil für meinen X2.1 bekommen, Danke dafür!

very nice design and good size

I love these wheels, I can use them on the street and offroad. They have a proper suspension and are big enough for my direct drive to pass sidewalks easiely. Fast shipping, good service, 5 Stars!

brilliant quality, competitive price

only downside was that the deliver was longer than promised (15->25days). Im in love with this board. Its super good looking and the accelerating and braking are outstandings. The board is pretty sturdy but the honeywheels absorbs enought bumbs. In wet weather you will get pretty dirty. Im about to 3D-print mudguards.

had to pay the customs dutys, that wasnt informed in price. otherwice good gustom service.

great lights with brake sense function

The brake function and automatic mode is great and easy to use! Don't have to think about anything (except that if it is charged)

Harmonische Teile

Ich bin dabei mein eigenes elektrisches Skateboard zu bauen und es hat recht gut geklappt mit dem Set von Eboardevolution. Sobald ich es fertig habe, werde ich noch ein paar Bilder updaten. Danke für die kompetente Beratung!

speed devil

I'm very happy with the Panther. I almost reach 50 km/h top speed with it, that's too crazy. Video is coming soon haha


Anfangs war ich total begeistert von diesem Board, aber als ich das erste Mal beim Bergabfahren die Verbindung verlor, hörte der Spaß auf. Nur gut, dass ich weiß wie eine Fußbremse funktioniert. Ab und zu habe geht es auch einfach nicht mehr an und dann mal wieder schon. Ich habe das Board reklamiert und warte nun auf ein überarbeitetes Board, bei dem diese Probleme behoben sind.

Nach 1 Woche kaputt

Der Spass am Eboarden hat sich recht schnell wieder erledigt, bzw. das Board hat sich selbst erledigt. Warte nun auf ein neues... Aber Danke an das Evolution Team für die engagierte Vermittlung und Unterstützung

hard ride

The board is ok but quite hard on rough terrain.

ok but long waiting

I ordered the W2 straight from Ownboard and they told me a shipping time of 15 days. At the end I waited more than 40 days. The board is good and I like the design of the remote.


I'm quite happy with this eBoard. Fast Shipping, nice service, thanks

Good Range

It's ok, doesn't look special but the range is TOP!

No support, no Spareparts

I bought this board straight from Enskate. I'm still waiting for someone to fix my board. Customer service from China is not replying. Very sad!

amazing board

I had a hubmotor electric skateboard before and can definitely say that a DD motor is ways better. It's so easy to change the wheels. Iove it <3


I'm feeling so comfortable on my Carbon AT, it's almost like surfing. Great power, good range and top service. Thank you guys :)

great wheels

An ultra fast expedition, Bravo Fulkit. I use the Kegel 80m 80A on my electric longboard and I'm really satisfied. Beyond the beautiful orange look, they are very comfortable to ride, take a lot of speed and a great grip. I really like.

Nice for eBoarding

Perfect for cruising / LDP, with ceramic bearings it rolls alone! The acceleration is nice, the loss of speed is slow. They drop more easily than the Kegels but at least the lips seem more resistant and the ride is much more flexible.

Best Team

Das Team hat mich super beraten und ich bin mit dem Drive mehr als zufrieden! Gerne wieder ;)

connection issues

When I rode the Haloboard it loses the connection to the remote and I don't know why and when it happened. That sucks because it's dangerous and kills the fun of riding. The board is now in repairing process, I hope it gets back soon and also with a proper connection. Thanks to eboardevolution for the support with the communication of the manufacturer, PEACE1

nice lights

they're working well. I used another cheap back light before but the smartlights are more convenient and the light is nicer. If there would be a possibility of connecting them with the battery of my eskateboard, it would be perfect. Maybe for the future but I'm also more than happy now. Thanks for the fast shipping ;)


I build my own electric skateboard with this kit and runs well. I'm happy with this upgrade and my old electric skateboard is now running better than before. Also the direct drive system is better than the hubs I had before. Cheers

battery issues

I ordered the Koowheel with 2 battery packs, now both of them defect and I'm already waiting for 2 months for Koowheel to send me new ones. Unfortunately, the summertime starts now and I don't have a board...

After 2 days I got used to this new feeling. I love them now because of the possibility of hearing my environment at the same time as I'm listening to music. I don't feel isolated as I would do with normal earphones. Great stuff!

Solid Product

Solid product, no problems so far. A little bit on the pricey side but I use these for an electric skateboard and it's really great to do some simple tricks and have that extra element of control