LOADED Vanguard Bamboo - Flexy Boosted Board Deck
LOADED Vanguard Bamboo - Flexy Boosted Board Deck
LOADED Vanguard Bamboo - Flexy Boosted Board Deck
LOADED Vanguard Bamboo - Flexy Boosted Board Deck
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LOADED Vanguard Bamboo - Flexy Boosted Board Deck

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Flexible Bamboo Deck for electric Skateboards

The Loaded Vanguard Longboard is very easy to drive as a cruiser or LDP (Long Distance Pumper). Direct steering response through the top mount axle mounting and the crisp flex in 5 stages are really fun when pumping. Of course, the flex, which is the result of vertical bamboo lamination and fiberglass, as with all loadeds, is also really comfortable when cruising and cushions bumps on the road. With the Flex steps it should be noted that the board from Flex 1 - 2 measures 107 cm in length and with Flex 3 - 5 98 cm! The large cutouts make it possible to drive very large wheels up to 80 mm without the risk of wheelbites.

The Loaded Vanguard Longboard is the very first longboard from Loaded Boards from California. With a symmetrical deck and a very well balanced center of gravity, you have absolute control over turns and can draw new energy for pumping from curves at any time. The sidecuts reduce the rigidity of the deck and allow much better control over the radii of your curves!


The Loaded Vanguard is very well suited for speeds up to 40 km / h. You should only drive faster if you are absolutely familiar with the flex properties!


The distinctive and lively camber is the heart and soul of the Vanguard. A craving pumper with the perfect amount of camber that can give you the responsiveness of a snowboard. An ideal surf-style cruising and carving board, with adapted setup can also be used as an LDP board.


As a carve-oriented board, the Vanguard comes with a transparent spray grip made from recycled crushed glass. This type of grip allows full coverage of the entire board without affecting the flex properties. In addition, the beauty of the materials and construction remains visible.

Technical specifications:

- Length: 107 cm, 98 cm
- Width: 21.5 cm
- Wheelbase: 94 cm
- Concave: Flat

Available in 5 Flex stages and two lengths to the Flex to your p to vote ersönliches weight or taste:

- Flex 1 (107 cm): 80 - 105 kg
- Flex 2 (107 cm): 68 - 95 kg
- Flex 3 (98 cm): 68 - 90 kg
- Flex 4 (98 cm): 55 - 77 kg
- Flex 5 (98 cm): 35 - 65 kg

A softer flex at slower speeds gives you more control and allows tighter turns, but a softer board doesn't run quite as stable at higher speeds. If you're planning a lot of hard pounding tricks like shovits and bonelesses, then a stiffer flex is more suitable.